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Learn how to manage and increase your money while travelling around the globe

A track record of publishing articles, appearing on TV and radio, speaking at podiums, and conductin
A track record of publishing articles, appearing on TV and radio, speaking at podiums, and conductin

Achievements in writing publications, TV and radio appearances, speaking on stage, and collaborative discussions

Available for both Japanese and overseas residents

FP consultation to resolve your concerns

Appropriate advice tailored to the individuals

I have anxiety about my future

I'm worried about the future after watching news about the economy.

But I don't really know what I'm worried about

Preparing for retirement funds

I don't know how much pension I'll receive when I retire, or how much money I'll need for retirement.

I would like to know how much money I need to prepare for retirement.

Money management and asset management overseas

I would like to know how to manage my money while living abroad and if there is a system that allows me to increase my money like I do in my home country.

The longer you live overseas, the more worried you will be about your retirement funds.

How to increase money?

I want to know how money grows.

I want to know what is suitable for me.

Insurance enrollment/review

I don't know what kind of insurances I have. I don't even understand whether insurance is really necessary.

Household management

I don't know what I'm paying and how much I'm paying. I don't really understand how to keep a household account book.

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