Migrating abroad as a family: 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 individual consultation

Moving abroad involves many unknowns and requires careful preparation when considering a family move. Expert advice and individual consultations are important, as many aspects such as language, culture, education and medical care need to be adapted. We are here to help your family have a smooth migration experience.
The following are some general questions to consider when considering emigrating abroad

What procedures do I need to follow regarding visas and residence permits for the destination country?

How should I deal with the culture and language of the destination country?

What about the financial aspects of living and medical costs in the destination country?

Do you have any advice on the educational environment and school choice for children?

Do you have any support or networks to help you feel secure in your post-migration life?

Individual consultations on family migration abroad

Answers to a range of questions about emigrating abroad

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